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Here I post stuff I do, my thoughts, and just random posts about random topics, so if you are interested, please check out the following posts.
Posts, Trellises, And Jump scares?! Turn Around!
A lot happened this trip.
120 Hornets Caught
A transportation trip turned into a big surprise.
An Unbeelievable Amount Of Bees
Going up to our mountain, we didn't expect this.
Moving Wood, And A Trailer Full Of Supplies
Another 500 kilos, and a full dump home.
Poles, Wind Turbines, And Banana Finale
Setting up poles, a new discovery, and the end of the saga.
Manure, Trees, And More Bees
500 kilos of manure for our farm, and of course, more bees.
Blossoms, Bees And Trees
Some beautiful blossoms, terrific trees, and angry bees.
Beds And A Rocket
Sweet potato beds, and a rocket launch? A lot happened this trip.
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