From Shai

This is my all time favorite show.
Thomas and Friends
Season 13
Creaky Cranky

After Thomas teases him for creaking, Cranky boasts that he is stronger than the little tank engine. Thomas attempts to prove him wrong by bringing heavy loads for Cranky to lift. When that fails, he suggests that Cranky attempts to lift him, which ends in disaster.
The Lion of Sodor

Thomas is given the job of transporting a crate containing a very special statue called "The Lion of Sodor". Believing it to be a real lion, Thomas vows to take extra special care of it, making sure it is comfortable.
Tickled Pink

James is sent to the Steamworks to have a new coat of paint. However, an emergency forces him to take a train before he has been finished, leaving him covered in his pink undercoat. Believing the others will laugh at him, James attempts to hide wherever he can.
Double Trouble

It's the Fat Controller's birthday, and Thomas is sent to Maithwaite early to collect the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt to take them to the party. However, when Thomas arrives, he is very surprised to see the Fat Controller already there - and that he has a moustache and a strange change in personality.
Slippy Sodor

Thomas has a cracked funnel and goes to the Sodor Steamworks for a replacement. The only funnel left is strangely shaped, and Thomas feels embarrassed. This leads to more problems when he is asked to take some bubble liquid to Mr Bubbles' clown show.
The Early Bird

Percy is at the Sodor Steamworks for repairs, so the Fat Controller puts Thomas in charge of the mail run. Thomas is excited about doing it and ignores Gordon's advice to ask Percy how he does it. Attempting on his own, Thomas makes the crucial mistake of whistling loudly, disturbing the sleep of others.
Play Time

Thomas is going to the docks to collect Alicia Botti when Percy tells him about a new engine named Charlie - "The most fun engine ever!" When Thomas meets Charlie, he decides to prove how fun he really is.
Thomas and the Pigs

Farmer Trotter asks Thomas to collect some straw for the piglets, which are soon to be born. But on the way, Thomas sees other things he thinks the piglets will like. He collects so much of them that he runs out of room on his flatbeds to put straw on.
Time for a Story

A batch of new story books are to be delivered to the library for the schoolchildren's story time and the Fat Controller gives this special job to Thomas. Thomas is so excited about delivering the books that he leaves before they are properly restrained, which leads to disaster as he travels along a bumpy track.
Percy's Parcel

It is Dowager Hatt's birthday and Percy feels upset when The Fat Controller doesn't give him an important job. After being comforted by Mavis, Percy is given an important job - to deliver a parcel to Knapford Station. Because she told him to do so, however, he goes to show Mavis first.
Toby's New Whistle

Toby's bell is broken, and as there are none spare, he has to make do with a whistle instead. Toby is even more put off when James explains that it is a very loud 3-chime steam whistle, as the old tram engine hates loud noises.
A Blooming Mess

Knapford Station is being redecorated. When Mavis does not say hello, Emily assumes she is sad and chuffs to the quarry to cheer her up with some of the new flowers, only to cause Edward and Thomas to crash.
Thomas and the Runaway Kite

While Victor is visiting the narrow gauge engines at the Transfer Yards, Thomas is put in charge of the Sodor Steamworks. Thomas feels very excited; so excited in fact that he doesn't listen to Victor's instructions to ask the engines about their problems or to ask for advice from Kevin. As a result, he ignores the engines and confuses Kevin so much, he ends up making a mess of the Steamworks.
Steamy Sodor

It is the day of the Sodor Kite Festival and Thomas must collect the winner's cup. However, he ends up taking a detour when Stephen and Bridget Hatt lose their kite, which he offers to catch, ignoring his friend's offers to help whilst doing so.
Splish, Splash, Splosh

Thomas has invented a new game called "Splish, Splash, Splosh!", which involves running through puddles and splashing other engines. When he is given an important job, he finds himself unable to resist playing it again.
The Biggest Present of All

Hiro, the Master of the Railway, is returning to Sodor for a visit. Thomas is eager to find a present for him - so eager, in fact, he forgets to tell everyone to meet at Knapford Station.
Snow Tracks

A snowstorm has covered Sodor, and Thomas and Gordon are given important jobs. While doing his job, Gordon decides to take the shorter, hilly route because he thinks he is special and stronger. This promptly leads him into trouble.
Henry's Good Deeds

After Thomas performs a good deed for Farmer McColl, Henry, who is taking a nesting pole for a rare bird called the Sodor Warbler, decides to try and do a good deed too. However, all of his attempts go horribly wrong. In the end, however, he manages to do a good deed without even realizing.
Buzzy Bees

Thomas is given the task of delivering beehives to Farmer Trotter. He decides to take the route past a field of flowers, only for the bees to escape.
Hiro Helps Out

The Fat Controller is rather busy - so busy he doesn't tell the other engines their jobs. Hiro decides to help him by giving the others their jobs, but this only results in a big muddle.
From Dad

This is season number 1 from Thomas and Friends. I was introduced to Thomas around the same time as Shai. Actually he knew about it before me. lol. This is a really nice show with a lot of emphasis on teaching right from wrong. Good stuff.
Thomas and Friends

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